Top 5 Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download|Saha social Google Drive preset

Top 5 Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download|Saha social Google Drive preset

 Today I will give you top 5 Lightroom Mobile Presets.these All Presets is Very useful for You and I also Use This Presets Mostly.You Can Download this all Presets are Very Easy.

1.Aqua And Orange

This Is A Very Beautiful Presets,As You Can Se.Aqua And Orange Is Most Popular Tone On Instagram any Can Download this Presets is Very Easy and Essy To use.Apply This Presets On Your Photo and Share Your Photos on Instagram.


This Is A Different types of Presets (Faded Blue Presets).This Presets Type Of Blue Tone But It's a different Type Of Blue Just Like Faded Type Blue,You can See.You Can Download Very easy and Easy To use In Lightroom Cc Mobile

3.Yellow Tone

This is very beautiful and Unique Presets And Easy To Use.This Presets Tutorial Upload In My YouTube Channel SAHA SOCIAL.You can Download This Presets is very Easy.You download this Presets And Apply Your Photo Is Very Easy. Then,You can share Your Photo On Instagram

4.Black Tone

5.Moody Orange

What Is Lightroom Mobile Presets:-

Lightroom Mobile Presets Is A Raw/Dng File.This is a Setting Of Color Tone.You Can Download Very Easy On our website and Use In Lightroom app.Add Your Presets In Lightroom then, Copy Setting of your presets and Apply In your Photo.this Is the Use of Lightroom Mobile Presets


1.2gb ram

2.4Gb storage

3.Android Kitkat

How to Use Lightroom Presets:-

First Download Your Presets.Export Your 'DNG' file In Lightroom cc Mobile App.Then,Export Your Own Image On Lightroom and Open Your Dng File then,go to right & uper side here You Click On 3Dot.Then, Click Copy Setting.After Do This,Open Your Photo in Lr Then,Go to 3 dot here You Click Paste Setting Just Now You Can See Presets Copied In Your Photo.

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